Collection services are our company’s specialty and main line of business. At ARO we deliver receivable management solutions on a national basis that are customized and based on the needs of the clients that we partner with.

We partner with a variety of key credit grantors in various industry segments including financial institutions, government, telecommunications, utilities, post secondary educational institutions, commercial, health and insurance.

Our service offerings include:

Outsourcing Solutions: These outsourcing solutions are designed to manage ‘early stage’ client programs. Our solutions are cost effective, require minimal ramp up time and offer timely support for the prevention and recovery of the account reaching a later stage of delinquency. Programs are customized to the needs of our client and calls may be made using either the First or Third party approach.

Pre-Collection Programs: These programs are designed to manage pre-charge off portfolios and are typically structured for customer retention. These solutions can handle unexpected large volumes of accounts and normally require ARO to act as a direct extension of our client and call in the name of our client. The main focus is to mitigate past due accounts proceeding to the write off stage.

Post Charge Off Programs: ARO offers contingency collection programs at all stages of the collection cycle including First, Second and Third and warehouse assignments. Unique work plan strategies have been designed for each stage of the collection cycle to ensure the highest rate of customer contact in order to maximize liquidations.

Customer Care and Cure Programs: Through our subsidiary customer care company, Synergie-Contact, we are able to offer various customer care programs including, technical support, welcome call programs, specialized inbound/outbound customer contact to name a few. Each program is designed to the specific requirements of the client. Synergie-Contact operates in a separate secure environment located in Montreal, Quebec.

Interactive Voice Messaging Campaigns: ARO provides customer service solutions using IVM campaigns through our ‘Interactive Intelligence’ Dialer technology. Examples of our IVM campaign strategies are:

- Customer service campaigns
- Reminder messages for payment(s)
- Marketing campaigns based on specific client criteria
- Customer satisfaction campaigns
- ‘Thank you for your business’ calls

Warehouse Debt Management: Through our subsidiary company, Ogilivie Acquistion we are positioned to purchase and service debt portfolios such as forward flow, warehouse and bulk assignments.

Skip Trace and Asset Search programs: ARO provides completely customizable full scale electronic and manual Skip Trace and Asset Search programs on a fee for service basis.

Specialized Legal programs: ARO has specialized in-house Legal Recovery Officers, on-staff Lawyers and paralegal teams across Canada who manage our national legal program through Small Claims Court or the Superior Court of Canada.

Additional specialized customizable programs such as:

- Payment Processing services
- Estate Recovery programs
- Offsite Employee Outsourcing